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[fancy_header]A Detailed Services List[/fancy_header]

[fancy_header2]Air Conditioning[/fancy_header2]

Air Conditioning

All ventilation systems that alter the condition of the air whether it be cooling, heating, or cleaning is regarded as air conditioning. We have installed air conditioning to Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Clean rooms and throughout the food manufacturing industry.

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  • Heat recovery
  • Run Round
  • Heating
  • Cooling


[fancy_header2]Air Filtration[/fancy_header2]

Air Filtration

All types of filters supplied and fitted to deal with fume, odour and pollution control.

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  • Panel filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Hepa Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Grease Filters
  • Filtration Units


[fancy_header2]Heating and Cooling[/fancy_header2]

Heating and Cooling

All types of coils supplied and fitted to new or existing systems. Repair and replacement service for burst or damaged coils. [fancy_list style=”check_list”]

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