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Ventilation, Thermal Insulation and Ductwork Cleaning

[three_fifth_last][fancy_header3]Ventilation[/fancy_header3]As a manufacturing company we can ensure our quality of work is checked in house to the highest standard. Our work also complies with DW144 specification set out by a nationally approved body. We are able to manufacture one off items for installation by our fully qualified engineers. In addition we can ‘supply only’ throughout the UK.[/three_fifth_last]

[three_fifth_last][fancy_header3]Thermal Insulation[/fancy_header3]For energy conservation, personal and fabric protection, insulation should be installed to duct work and pipe work. Our engineers can carry out thermal and acoustic installations to pipework and ventilation systems. Whether its foil faced duct wrap, pipe sections, fiberglass slabs or wired matt we will be able to install the correct material for the job. Being able to install insulation to external ductwork can reduce running costs considerably and we would recommend the insulation is protected by a weather proofing system.[/three_fifth_last]

[three_fifth_last][fancy_header3]Ductwork Cleaning[/fancy_header3]We have carried out cleaning works in fast food outlets, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, care homes, shopping centres and many more. The cleaning of ventilation systems prevent the spread of air borne contaniments, ensures efficient operation and reduces the risk of fire hazards. We can de-grease kitchen extract systems with very little inconvenience to the operation of the kitchen and provide certificates and before and after photographs. All our cleaning work is carried out to HVCA regulation TR17/19. This involves cleaning or replacing filters, removal of fans for deep cleaning to ensure full degreasing.[/three_fifth_last]